File & Asset Tracking Solution


File & Asset Tracking Solution using smart RFID tags integrated with web based software to allow business user to real time tracking for the files and assets over all the building.

Reduce audit time up to 90%

Eliminate the need for manual file tracking and easily view a file’s chain of custody from your web browser or mobile RFID reader.

Audit discrepancy reports help users reconcile missing files. Location history and event tracking provides the highest degree of accountability.

Audits are completed in 90% less time using Trackers’ file tracking system and RFID hardware infrastructure.

We leverage RFID technology to help organizations manage multiple classes of assets, gain regulatory compliance and ensure audit protection, better asset utilization and cost reduction across a wide variety of industries.

Locate Out of Place Folders with an RFID Detector

Fixed readers track files as they move out of their standard location. A quick read using our Motorola mobile RFID readers can instantly identify out of place or missing files. Any movement is automatically added to Asset History.

Greater visibility eliminates duplicate inventory entries and discourages unauthorized movement. Automated file check in and out saves users time and eliminates any discrepancies.

Secure Files & Assets with FTracker RFID Smart Alarm

Utilize our RFID Alarm system to lock down critical files and prevent their removal from designated zones.

Accurate, Cost-Efficient Tracking

Don’t limit your organization to tracking just a portion of your assets due to high costs. FTracker passive RFID hardware and software packages provide a comprehensive and economical solution for any size organization.

FTracker Asset Manager helps automate auditing process and cut audit time by more than 85%. No more valuable time wasted searching for serial numbers of assets at the bottom of server racks.

Loss Prevention

Secure exits with FTracker’ s Smart Alarm, a combination of software and hardware that helps prevent unauthorized removal of valuable assets.

E-mails, lights, or alarms to alert staff can be used for notifications when specific types of assets approach a secured exit. Ensure greater control of valuable assets and intellectual property with FTracker.

Manage Assets Locally & Globally

Our browser-based system can be scaled for enterprise to track and manage assets in multiple buildings, campuses and other locations around the world.

RFID sensors located at doorways, exits and offices automatically track assets and supplies as they are moved and add the tracking events to Asset History.

Extremely Configurable

Our user-friendly interface lets users in different departments and divisions view the status, location and history of assets. Track and manage all types of asset classes for heightened business intelligence and awareness of assets.

Easy-to-use tools let users add new assets, retire assets or change the status of assets, while everything from management visibility to asset information is greatly improved.