Aliensware RFID
RFID Document And Assets Tracking

We leverage RFID technology to help organizations manage multiple classes of assets.

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ERP Aliensware
ERP Implementation

We decided that building ERP with a community is a far better way of making software.

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Aliensware Data Center
Infrastructure Data Solutions

Data center transformation takes a step-by-step approach through integrated projects carried out.

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Business requires reliable hardware and software solutions

Nowadays, mobile app development is a fast-growing market with billions in turnover all over the world. Not to use such a chance is to be outside of a modern technological system. However, it could be an excellent approach to doing business, because all potential clients live there. So, due to widespread use of mobile devices, investing in the professional development of mobile software gives you a reliable marketing tool. Aliensware is a mobile app development company providing professional-level services from mobile business applications to entertainment applications

Website Solutions
ASP .NET Development
Yii Framework
Joomla CMS
WordPress CMS
Dolibarr ERP
Laravel Framework
SQL Server
MySQL Database
Linux Redhate OS